Transportation of the following types of products are restricted:

• Perfume, "Spray" 

• Paint, spirits, etc. 

• Explosive and flammable substances or products (e.g. lighters, Christmas torches, etc. Shipping of used benzones or used gasoline-cleaned used auto parts is also restricted from England) 

• Pornographic products. 

• Animals, plants, fish, birds, rodents, etc. 

• Toxic substances (including car batteries) 

• Firearms, crossbows, bows, firearms parts or accessories (even optical sight, pneumatic guns) 

• narcotics-containing products or plants or their seeds (including so-called bio-flavorings) 

• Magnets and so-called Products containing 'asbestos' 

• Animal stuffing, bones, fur, ivory, etc. 

• Real money - coins or banknotes of any country and bank plastic cards 

• High pressure items (eg shock absorber, airbag, etc.)

In addition to the listed products transportation of karaoke microphones, batteries, all liquids (lotions, perfumes, neil polish, shampoo, etc.) accumulators and temporary towels and disinfectants are prohibited from Dubai

In addition to the listed products transportation of Pure battery and power bank, All liquids (lotions, perfumes, nail polish, etc.), Powdered items (eye shadow, pressed powder, etc.),Electronic cigarette (disposable and with liquid)

Knives and weapons, All plants, Gas tank are prohibited from China